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Insomniac hackers released files detailing upcoming Wolverine and Spider-Man games

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Insomniac games recently experienced a large-scale hack that revealed the company’s video game slate through 2035 and critical internal documents.

Photo: Marvel

Published on Dec 20, 2023

The ransomware group Rhysida has released 1.67 terabytes of Insomniac’s data, which includes footage from the upcoming Wolverine game, mentions of a third Spider-Man entry, as well as internal documents on development and strategy.

  • With roughly 1.3 million files, Rhysida had been looking to auction the data for a starting bid of 50 bitcoins, roughly $2 million — along with a weeklong deadline.
  • According to Cyber Daily — an Australian outlet that was in contact with the group — only 98 percent of the full data set was uploaded, with some of the data sold to an anonymous bidder.

The leak included the studio’s projected slate through 2035, including a trilogy of X-Men games beginning with Wolverine, future Spider-Man projects, a new Ratchet and Clank entry, as well as the launch of a new IP.


The ransomware group first signaled the hack on Dec. 12, followed by a Cyber Daily report confirming that Rhysida had posted “limited data” to back up its claims.

  • Sony later confirmed the breach in a statement to Eurogamer, saying “We are aware of reports that Insomniac Games has been the victim of a cybersecurity attack. We are currently investigating the situation.”
  • This isn’t the first breach that Sony has experienced this year: a cyber attack on Sony Interactive Entertainment exposed the personal details of nearly 7,000 current and former employees and was one of the many companies hit by the MOVEit hacks.

Rhysida has claimed responsibility for ransomware attacks over a variety of organizations, including the recent leak of over 500,000 Social Security numbers and an attack on the British Library last month.


The scope of the hacked data is unprecedented even for the video game industry — notorious for its lack of keeping things hidden.

  • Alongside details on unannounced Insomniac and Sony games, the leaked documents included details from the company’s contract with Marvel, internal Slack messages between game developers, and employee details.
  • Video game studios have recently been the subject of large-scale hacks, the most notable being the Grand Theft Auto VI footage that was leaked online last year — leading to the conviction of two teenagers in the U.K.

In response, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued an advisory on Rhysida last month, warning companies to be on guard for the group that has “compromised organizations in education, manufacturing, information technology, and government sectors.”